Wakeup Africa: Take A Secret and Contagious Oath.

Our generation is under a spell. There seems to be ominous clouds hovering over us; the clouds of corruption, human right violation crowned with wide spread ignorance and propaganda   of the existence of the purported justice propagated by the political elites whose intention is to create hegemony.

The political establishments, tribal and social classifications have created doyens who are self-centered, keen to destroy the future of both our generation and progeny. In deed, from sentiments  of great personalities and literature available, it is clear; there exist Mafias and cartels that are extremely dangerous to the existence of peace. These groups are led by well-established old boys club, accomplices that will guard and defend their source power at any cost.

It is the reason I propose formation of a group to administer an oath of social justice.

Oaths have a rich history, back to the foundation of the Roman Empire, the oath of Harotii was administered, and the Harotii brothers took an oath to protect their empire from their foes. In his painting, Jacques Louis David vividly describe the situation in the empire in the setting of oath of Horatii painting. The interpretation of the painting is what inspires me to think of what might seem so ridiculous to many. Taking an oath to restore dignity of our people, fighting against injustice propagated by the sacred group of our political elites; whose recklessness threaten the peaceful existence I n Africa and its future.

In the analysis of the painting of The oath of Horatii, published in the Anistoriton Journal vol. 11,2008-2009 , Monica k. Wendi a historian from Fort Hays State University observes that the oath signaled that virtue was no longer for the old ; it was now passed to the young. I believe this remains relevant and true to our situation even more than it was then.

I am persuaded, that a time like this when we are under pressure to deliver jobs to unemployed; a time when we are obliged to offer better health care to poor people; a time when humanity need peaceful coexistence; and a time that political elites have taken personal aggrandizement as their core engagement; a time they have joined dangerous sect of freezing public coffers; A time they are scrambling for whatever they can find to steal; a time they are in a marathon race squandering public resources. We need a savior.

It is early morning, it is the silent wee hours of the night,  I write this piece my heart agonizing just because I know the future of my sleeping son is in danger. Given our history, he will not have a god father to get him employment because the institutions the current political class has put in place are pervasive, incapable of offering equal opportunity to all hence premonition over my son’s future . Just for this reason, I am ready to take the secret and contagious oath against injustice now; for the sleeping boy to benefit in the future.

I write this piece aware of the current boiling political temperatures in my country and even most of the other Africa countries. I write this at backdrop of serious allegations and counter allegations of corruption between the ruling regime and the opposition in my country Kenya. the theatrics are sickening.

I write this after the chief justice in my country has sensationally claimed that my country Kenya is a bandit economy, run by cartels and mafias. Life in my country is growing tougher every minute. Majority of the citizens are struggling to make the ends meet. There are claims from the governors from all 47 of our newly created level of governance that they are at the verge of giving up offering free maternity services that was started some few years ago because of inadequate resources.

Yes, I can see perilous clouds hanging over a country that has been an island of peace for several years. Despondency is growing at a break neck speed. Thanks to the political elites gifted in the field of impotent rhetoric. This should be a clear warning to all conscious and well meaning individuals.

It is worrisome, it is chilling especially when one hears the words of Kenya chief justice “whoever who stand to fight the cartels and mafias running the economy should prepare to be killed or exiled”. This sentiment he gave while giving an interview to one of the Dutch newspaper sends shivers to my spine. I guess I am not alone going by the words going round our national media.

The words can get anyone scared. But the anger precipitated by the very meaning and implications of words coupled with the current situation of economic disaster; it becomes more that the fear. It turns to be anger, anger that calls for action.

It is the reason my generation is obliged to take a solemn oath secret oath, a contagious oath to defend our country with our own heart and mind. We must be ready to face the monster or what Shakespeare calls fiend. This I believe is the only justice we will do to our children and grandchildren.

We have to swear to restore dignity of our people. It is heart wrenching to see the innocent suffer in hospitals because the cartels and mafias have supplied wind. It is disgusting to discover that we and our children will pay debt of loans that went into enriching individuals instead of building infrastructure.

It is unfathomable to learn that we have lost critical chances for pushing our country forward development wise because of the hyenas. It is unimaginable to realize that it is a fact that our education system is going down the trenches because of institutional failures which have been caused by irresponsible leaders, something that that can easily be rectified.

Our generation has the opportunity to right these wrongs of centuries. We only need to take advantage of the critical juncture just like Europe took advantage of the industrial revolution juncture, established inclusive institutions which finally led to rapid social and economic development. I can dare say even those in cartels and mafias that are draining our country yearn for such a life. That is why they loot here to go and buy properties in these developed areas. It is a shame.

Our critical juncture is the eminent social revolution coming. I can attest that the thinking of my contemporary has drastically changed. Like the Horatii brothers, we are the only ones who can defend our future and that of our children.

We need to resolve, that whatever that we think is right, guided by the spirit and principles of Ubuntu, let us rise up against them-fiend. Armed with the power of purpose, life purpose; the power that helped psychologist Victor E.Frankl to endure the experience of the imprisonment in the concentration camp; Yes I am talking of the power that gave hope to Nelson Mandela to be in jail for 27years waiting for the emancipation of his people.

That purpose, that purpose that gave courage to Wangari Maathai to stand against one of our harshest political regime of Nyayo.

Now, I am talking about that purpose that I find in the Bible, the higher purpose that made the disciples of Jesus stand the persecution. That purpose that made Daniel to stay true to His God, not to bow to the gods of Babylon.

We can find that purpose, the purpose that gave courage to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego to face the furnace. This purpose for us should go beyond our bank accounts; it should be a higher purpose. A purpose inspired by the love of God that we were commanded to love. Love that does not seek to kill but love that seeks to protect. This love, love to respect all people. Yes, that genuine love, love that will not allow our hearts to supply wind to hospitals and other institutions offering services to citizens as currently is but love that remembers the plight of the sick.

Here I come friend, armed with truth that our leaders are plundering with the future of our economy, history is counting on us, yes the forces of resistance will be strong; the resolve by those involved to protect their power might be taunting, but I tell you we will win if we stay on course. We will overcome if we never give up.

Yes let us take #theoathofsocialjustice



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