Down a treacherous road… to genocide

Let me trouble you; back to the history of the holocaust of 1930; how was it possible that people turned against their own human being and mercilessly killed them? You are right to wonder with me. However after going through the history of concentration camps, I will not be surprised that we are headed to similar scenario; if we don’t watch and reign on the so called leaders, war mongers, sadist who have turned to animalistic behaviors just like those of wild Animals.

I write this aware that the immediate influence of our behavior is always more than the words we speak. However, what led the people of Europe in the 1930s to believe that the Jewish people were responsible for their plight is what our leaders are practicing; propaganda. Propaganda that was calculated; and persistently administered in small doses over a long period of time. I am worried it is a similar trend that some of our reckless leaders have adopted.

Do you wonder why a person will be so determined to win election to the point that he will announce that he will do whatever it will take to win? Even if it means stealing, and I guess even killing being an option for him. It is a sad fact, a fact that we need to digest and devise ways of countering it. Otherwise, we are on the slippery road to 21st holocaust in Africa.

We need not to go to neighboring countries to study what bad leadership is, we need not go to Europe to decipher how to tackle our outlandish behavior of our leaders and the danger they pose to our unity; but we need to look within us to find meaning of life.

To find meaning and purpose of life will help us turn a deaf ear to politicians who are hungry for recognition. If we manage to blacklist their venomous words spit on us in various forums we can be sure of averting the looming danger of disintegration of our society.

Victor E. Frankl, a survivor from the concentration camp, in his book Man’s search for meaning, contends that he who finds a why to live can bear with almost any how. It is of great concern that many of us are yet to realize what our purpose in life is. I find this a disturbing fact, especially when we turn to cheer politicians who spread dangerous propaganda.

We are now suffering from leadership deficiency, especially in the political field. What we currently have is mostly bunch of sycophants who have no idea of what independence of thought is. I observe this with stupendous concern. I wish one day we will live in a country where when making decisions will not be informed by our greedy nature, but by a higher purpose. A purpose that victor E. Frankl says is unique to every individual and that no one can fulfill it for the other individual except that very individual.

According a research carried out in several US universities documented some years ago asking what was very important for them, it was revealed that 16% of the student checked making a lot of money as the most important thing in their life, while 78% of the students said their first goal is to find their purpose and meaning of life.

The findings of the research can be validated in the 21st century in Africa. Among the youth in Africa there is a wakening; an awakening that there is more to life than making a lot of money. This is true; it is a reality that we need to take seriously in order for us to embark on a journey of finding our place in this world.

We need to ignore those with myopic vision. Those whose sense of purpose does not go beyond themselves; we need to venture into fields that bring not only satisfaction to ourselves but also to the society as a whole.

Holistic development is crucial. Developing our unique voice will enable us to voice our concern without the fear of alienation. We need to be free to think and imagine of the future. We need to be assured that we will not be economically alienated by those who are in power if we point out the ills in the society. We need to confident that if we resist conforming to those who think they deserve to rule the world like kingdoms, we will not condemned down to the trenches of social political and economic torture.

We need to create a value system that gives everyone equal opportunity to find their own purpose. For I believe discovering our purpose will give us the key to the sea of opportunities; keys , which eventually will give us the temerity to reject those who have nothing to offer the society except dirty words and acts that hurt and wound our spirits.

Yes, I yearn for that purpose; I am working everyday to find the meaning of life. However, I am apprehensive of the despondency that Is being cause by politicians, I am worried of the aftermath of the hatemongering, I am concerned with the lack of seriousness in taming corruption. It is not enough to talk, actions will suffice.

After saying all these, let me state that I am an optimist. I believe that Jesus died for us, he love us like John documents in the Bible. Our purpose, I believe we will find; if we set out to help others to discover that they are the only ones who can identify their purpose and meaning of life; and no one else. I count it my obligation to help those I can to discover their talents gifts and abilities.

Those who propagate propaganda are the angels of death, they will be no different from the Nazi regime in Germany who relished gassing fellow human beings to death, and they are out to massage their ego. I want not to be part of those who will help those African leaders who are keen to exploit innocence of the citizen for their own benefit and I pray that you too will alienate them.

Finally, If all of us can resolve to help one another, serving each others with love , then we surely can avert the eminent genocide staring hungrily at us.


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