Are you God’s wife?…


A conversation is documented of an old woman and young poor boy. The lady finds the boy keenly looking out of the window of a house towards the sky, then the  conversion goes like this :

Old lady: Boy what are you staring  at?

Boy:I am looking at Heaven, asking God to give me a pair of playing boots.

Without hesitations the old lady holds the hand of the young man, without saying a word they head direct into a shop; she asks the boy to pick three best pairs playing boots. Reluctantly he does,  then a few minutes later the lady declares ; keep them,  they  are all yours.

Dumbfounded, a boy who has never owned a pair, leave a lone putting on one, and now  the proud owner of three spectacular pairs. On their way out, amazed,  not knowing whether it was real, he looks back and forth at the old lady and to his boots, finally he breaks the silence and asks: Mum, are you God’s wife?

The question brings forth the essence of our small acts of respect and love for fellow men and women. The question is an indication of what our compassion does to those we show empathy.

I remember vividly , as a beneficiary of generosity from various people;most times I wondered what motivated people to come to my aid while I struggled with life.

Through those acts of love, within me grew a sense of concern for others. These feelings formed a core foundation that will not be swayed by the malady of acquisition of massive wealth at the expense of fellow human beings.

Through other people’s compassion to me, my faith in doing justice for those suffering is unquestionable. My sense of social justice is grounded in my values ;a believe that all are equal and must be treated so.

It is this believe that informs my abhorrence of what our politicians and leaders call justice when they steal with one hand and give to the public through the other hand calling it generous donations. It is absurd to imagine that those entrusted with responsibility abdicate that only to follow their insatiable hunger for evil wealth.

It is not bad to seek wealth, but when you do it at the expense of that widow who needs drugs for her kids that you supply air to hospitals ,  if you do it at the expense of the poor that are sleeping hungry by stealing what was meant to cushion them from  starvation , then that is curse you call upon you and your future generations.

Like Pope Francis rightly put it, if you take kickbacks and use the money to feed your children, then you’re feeding dirty to them. At the end it will make them sick.

This is difficult phenomenon to imagine, that after you have left to Sheol ;you only leave behind a disease invested generation. This should be a concern to all conscious individuals.  It should a call to us all to do right things.  It is a call for us all to do justice to our children and progeny. Our disregard of this fact is a unfathomable perilous precedent.

Friends, let us forfeit our urge to exploit.  Let us seek to make peace with all who cross our path. It is an obligation to do good ; for when we do this we become God’s children or just like the boy’s question we become God’s wife, who take His own heart.


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