According to the Readers Digest Faith  is the the favourite word for Jeff Bauman; a survivor of Boston bombing. He says that you have to have faith that everything’s always going to work out and faith that the people around you will be there when you need them.

Closer home, the incident at Garrisa University in the northern parts of Kenya that claimed several lives left some survivors. The survivors demonstrate unimaginable tenacity and resilience to live. A force that can only be explained by the word faith.

We are not short of experiences that depict the indomitable spirit of Humanity. The support given to Westgate  mall victims in the wake of  terrorists act in Kenya defy what many pessimist think and believe; that we are incapable of showing empathy to fellow men and women.

Today I write to affirm that faith. That this faith is what makes us go through difficult moments. This word is magical. It is the word that if put into practice brings hope to the hopeless.

We have a responsibility to teach and talk about the panacea of social revolution ; believing that things will be OK.

Even as we believe let us not neglect the activity. The action in this case should be to seek ways that we can be of help to those who are suffering. It is because of the few who went for the help of Jeff Bauman that made the story important.  It is the selfless nature of the friends at Westgate mall that make a case for humanity within us.

As I write I am confronted by the harsh reality of greediness of politicians and public servants , I am aware of the impotent rhetoric of politicians that threaten our peaceful coexistence. However, let us believe the words of Martin Luther King Jr that out of the womb of a frail world,  a new system of justice and equality would be born.

As I pen this article,  many are now scheming how to defraud government of public resources. Through faith, I believe as citizens we can stand firm and resist their  seductive charms of joining the band wagon of exploitation .  Their reckless talk is dangerous to our future;we must shun away.

Let us take the example of the survivors to keep faith and hope.  Hope is what will save Africa from the social Injustice; Social Injustice that threatens our future.


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