Social justice for Africa 2016

Four days off the old year 2015, I am writing my solemn desire “to build hunger in our generation to stand up, take our place in claiming emancipation of Africans from yokes of exploitation” this is no small feat, but with tenacity and persistence in our small ways and actions we will attain this goal.

However, we should brass ourselves for challenges and obstacles. Great among them is the urge to give up. Giving up is the least and best option at our disposal when things seems not to work out as imagined. But history has an equivocal solution to us; say next when we face a no as an answer.

Social justice is universal word which in its basic meaning means minding of others and respecting human life without discrimination of their social standing, race colour or origin, but the real meaning will vary from one area to another taking into consideration different factors both economically, socially and politically.

Those suffering from political torture like my fellow Burundians, who currently are going through hell on earth because of the recklessness of their leaders; they will call for social justice, and in this sense their immediate concern will be to have a listening government that pay attention to her people not mercilessly killing them. To them our effort as global citizens to speak out against the atrocities committed by their government will be of importance to them. We will be advancing their course of seeking social justice.

To the citizens of South Sudan, our effort to call fall complete adherence to cease fire accord signed a while back , and to allow humanitarian aid will be of stupendous importance to them. For hunger is craving for the innocent lives of poor Sudanese. We need to be part of those seeking justice for them in terms of not only raising concern of their plight to the international community ,but also to donate whatever we can towards charity organizations working in these areas.

I will not mention all areas that will require our contribution, but will leave it to all of us to stand and seek to serve. We need to invoke our Ubuntu; it is the basic tool we have in combating social injustice.

Yes I am aware we might have lost this sense of humanity because of the pressure of what my sociology teacher called the advent of individualistic society, but I am of the stronger faith that all compassion and empathy are traits that are inborn. All we need is the will to accept that we have no option but to rekindle our atavistic nature. If we are willing, then seeking social justice will eventually be a reality especially in Africa.

Whatever we have developed towards creating unjust society overtime should now be extinguished. We should put our best foot forward to fight to regain our beautiful nature that we were created with-Ubuntu. We must in 2016 try to unlearn the uncouth behavior that we have developed over time that exalts exploitation of others for the sake of our gratuitous nature for amassing substantial wealth.

The individualistic thinking is what brought about some of the perilous times on earth like the great depression of the 1930 and the severe one in 2008. Hence for me, I consider 2016 must be the year to learn that the best investment we can do is in people. That investment must be helping others to discover their talents gifts and abilities, with their abilities and talents they must work towards helping others to succeed. This way, I believe we will be In a position to salvage ourselves from the endless chains of conflict.

Doing away with suspicion is key to solving the puzzle of social injustice in Africa, to achieve this we must learn to build trust. Through trust we would be in a position to point our weaknesses without fear of unjustly being put on the spot. Learning to appreciate correction will contribute a great deal in helping us follow through on our promise of ensuring we reinstate social justice to our Africa continent.



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