The best gold comes out of a Furnace:so shall we come out of Global Disasters like Storm Frank



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The words of Daniel Goleman “the  existence of Super evils is as a result of continuous and insistent negligence of small evils over several decades.” now seems real.

“We have now moved from dealing with known extremes to unknown extremes. “These are the words of experts from England describing the aftermath of serious flooding which has been named storm frank.

Reading the words shocked me, however, they have served to affirm my strong believe that when disaster come they know not the poor or the rich, they strike and affect everyone.  A reason we should hold everybody with respect and humility.

Some days ago it was the whirlwind that destroyed some parts of the most powerful nation existing :United States of America. According to CNN news this morning the dead tolls from the storm stand slightly above thirty souls.

I believe in  this world we are all partners as somebody said.  We need to take responsibility of whatever resources we have been endowed with. We need to watch our actions for they affect progeny.

However, my intention for writing this piece is not to condemn those who have been hit by the tragedy,  but to call upon us to rethink the way we carry out our daily activities.

Back to Daniel Goleman,  in his book the Focus, he opines that whatever we do has consequences, it will be either now or in the future. My worry is that if we don’t check our obsession with amassing wealth without considering future repercussions of our present undertaking, we will endeavour to endure more unknown extremes of disasters.

With the reality now dawning on us,  we need to find out the  root cause of our problems,  not only those caused by natural phenomenon but also those caused by reckless acts of man.

Aware of what the capitalistic fanaticism deed to the economy during the 1930s,and 1998, – great Depression – we should be conscious. We should consider the effects of civil war, reckless political rhetoric that hurts peaceful coexistence and violation of human rights like it is happening in Burundi.

Armed with this knowledge, I think it is time to retrace our atavistic nature of Humanity. It is important to go to the basics; the basics I believe are set in the value and respect for life as it was meant to be since the beginning of the world.

From the basics we will be in a position to transform our mindset to fit the the demands of our present challenge.

Until we configure where the rain started beating us, we are condemned to failure.  We need to find out where the mess was started, then we will be seek to Commence the journey of righting the wrongs.

We ought to take the bull by its horns,  we need to muster courage to defy our egoistic nature in order to triumph the fast coming disasters.

Without us humbling ourselves we will not be willing to seek answers to our ailment. No matter your position: developed, developing, poor or rich we need to appreciate the fact that all of us have a part to play if we are to effectively tackle challenges of the world; Global warming, hunger, poverty and terrorism just to name a few.

Let us seek to appreciate our world. Incorporate all the actors, for then we will salvage the world from collapsing under the weight of our unmeasured acts.

It is true that under the current intense  crisis we will emerge winners, for out of great tribulations we remember the basics. So I do pray that like pure gold cometh from Furnace so will we refine our world into a better place for All.


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