Africa: Debunk Elaborate Hoax to solve social Injustice.



Africa’s lovely and beautiful image stand to be tainted if we don’t rise up to show our innate Ubuntu. Her youngest nation is at the verge of collapsing before the eyes of leaders who claim to love their country. I am talking about South Sudan.

A story by paint a sad, despicable picture of the happenings in S. Sudan. I know many of my friends from south Sudan will wish this was not true.

The images are heart wrenching. While the rebels and the government have taken a strong stance, promising alluded Heaven for their supporters;the country is sinking into the messy waters of hunger. The rate at which this is happening is worrying; I guess only to those who value human dignity will understand this.

Many of those suffering are the poor, who have nothing to do with what president Salva and his nemesis Riek are competing for. Me think some of them feel like it would have been better if they would have stayed in slavery with the former ruler.

It is a devastating and confusing moment for common south Sudanese.

However, what worries me most is the deafening silence of other Africa leaders. I tend to think that they fear reprimand the protagonists in the war in South Sudan. Most of them have a deficiency of moral authority to candidly call for respect for human rights from the leaders of the ailing nation .

In any case, they are engulfed with holy fear, imagining similar occurrence in their own countries in the near future. Their sumptuous urge to continue staying in power I guess is a major contributor to this kind of fear.

Here lies the Hoax they will always keep on playing. Empty rhetoric and public relations with no intention of practical assistance.

The earlier we realize this as the general Global citizens, the earlier we can seek better solution for our dear brothers and sisters languishing in scourging hunger.

We have to call on our conscious and humanity within us to be able to stand with those anguishing in the pain of diseases. We need a higher degree of consciousness; to arouse within us that fearless nature to call atrocities and brutality what they really are: Heinous and perilous acts that will not bring peace.

Our role is to search  for this information to inform others and to call on them to act.

From history, it is clear that when a person discovers the essence and meaning of life they resolve to seek to attain that newly found purpose. And I pray that many of us find meaning in the value and dignity of life.

Now than ever we are called to invoke our sense of humility as humanity to call on our leaders to put aside their differences and save the nation of South Sudan.

It is not a responsibility of them that by now we should know better that they have no iota of Humanity but selfishness and egoistic nature to save our Africa. Instead,  we need to call on those with voices of definite resolve to offer counsel , we need to call all to raise the  voice that we have been endowed by the creator,  to be advocates of social justice in the world that now seems  not to be  perturbed by the unfortunate happenings.

We need to develop that unique voice.  The voice that is desperately needed by those ailing in refugee camps.

Yes these refugees,  who in their minds and hearts are secretly imploring you and me in spirit to speak out for them.

If we hear this and still insist to be accomplices of the perpetrators of crimes against humanity by keeping silent; Our conscious will harshly judge us.

On behalf of innocent south Sudanese who tonight maybe  have slept hungry, let us start doing whatever small act we  can put together to help them.

I rest my case trusting you will act.


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