Ubuntu: Perennial Wisdom to Solve Africa Social Problems.

We are a few hours out of the celebration of Christmas, while reading and reflecting on the essence of the day, I came across the word Ubuntu, which has its roots of origin in South Africa. Its meaning really speaks why we should celebrate life every time. It gives a reason why we should show humaniness to our neighbours always. I am of the opinion that we are all born with this nature. However, the immediate environment we are born to  has been shaped in a different way; it is an environment that teach us unconsciously held dogmas about the image of the reality of life; which in most cases is pervasive

Life was meant to be nice, it was meant to give all equal chance of being happy and gratified. This is not the case now, Ubuntuism has been pushed to the periphery, and selfish nature has taken the driver’s seat; now it is driving the world crazy.

Today I write this knowing that whatever that is inherently imbedded in our lives, even though pushed to the far end of our mind can still be resuscitated. We can start nurturing this virtue in us. It is what will rebuild our Africa society.

Through history it has been confirmed that by deliberately changing the internal image of reality, people can change the world. It can be extracted from the books of recorded history that many a time the really fundamental change have come not from dictates of government and the result of battles but through vast numbers of people changing their mind- sometimes only a little bit.

With this knowledge in the knowledge economy, I am persuaded that we can still experience great transformation in Africa if we seek counsel from our deeper souls and subconscious mind.

Our potential to shape the destiny of our continent is now really than it has ever been. I write this with confidence heeding to the wise saying by Jim Rohn “You cannot change your destination overnight but you can change your direction overnight” yes it is within reach.

We only have to resolve as a people to do the necessary- changing the direction that we have taken. We need to resolve to abstain from worshiping our pervasive politicians and leaders who fancy seeing bloodbath; we need to shun their divisive politics full of tribal venom which draw a wedge between us. We are created with ubuntu. We can recall it from where we have stored it.

This is urgent and necessary. We need to make it a stupendous call of nature, to seek peace with our inner person. For within us live the essential nature of humility which when invoked will usher in the miracle we are all looking for- “Peace” with our fellow man and nature.

The peace we are seeking is what will unlock great opportunities for us all. Ubuntu will be the core and essential component of building a learning economy in this era of knowledge economy. This kind of economy is one where everybody is constantly learning how they can help nurture a better society. These words were used in the 19th century, but it still remains extremely relevant to us.

I count myself blessed. Blessed, because I am a youth in a time when the world is hungry for reasonable change; change that will bring hope to the world. The fact that I have given myself holistically to this course makes my heart glow with joy and contentment. I believe positive transformation is possible.

While I write this, I am cognizant of the forces that we will meet in the field. Forces that have constantly practiced whatever that now defines them. I am aware that tribalism is entrenched in the blood veins of established politicians; it is what they speak eloquently. This vice has been institutionalized in our societies, but fortunately their talks does not make it right. I refuse to believe that we are that hopeless not to say anything about it, leave alone doing something about it.

I am persuaded because the mere fact that there are many who have acknowledged the nasty consequences of this vice; we are at the brink of exploding into a social revolution which will wedge a fight against it.

Corruption is a byproduct of tribalism and irresponsibility of myopic leaders. It is a cancer that is perpetuated by the selfish in the society, keen to gratify their insatiable hunger for humongous wealth.

However, the irony is that most of those who have amassed such wealth before at the expense of their community die and leave the riches being squandered by those who never sweat for it. With this knowledge the world has been awakened to seek a new form of life. Many have started seeking meaning of life. Many want to find the really meaning of life for the riches and wealth alone is never enough gratification. A number of the wealth people are now keen to live spirit of ubuntuism. They are seeking the really meaning and a guess they will find it in the true practice of the spirit of humaniness.

Together we are now obligated by chance to do our best in mitigating the many macro and micro social problems facing the world. Our small little action is what is only required to make the world a better place. Our resistance to social injustice and disrespect to human life is the number one assured way of restoring Africa dignity.

Let us all reflect as we consider to live by the spirit of Ubuntu in the soon coming 2016



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