Paradox of Merry Christmas: Let us forget not the afflicted.


We have entered a mood of celebration, we are ready to unleash the so Natural nature of human beings ; giving and serving others.  I sit here with several TV stations dominated by the Christmas carols ushering the day that we celebrate the act that epitomizes the love for all of us. To us a son was given for atonement of our sins. 

I am not lost of the stupendous feeling and joy that this day came with over twenty years ago when I would be showered with gifts and treated to some new delicious delicacies as a child .  Such a feeling is what I recall with nostalgic conscious today with my own family . This day a few hours away is filled with good memories.

The difference now, and then is that I was young, a village lad with no conscious of the world.  I had little knowledge of the world. But now I have considerable knowhow of what is happening in the world. The atrocities that are happening,  I call this the Paradox of Christmas
My sense of others by then was limited,  I was in no position to understand the Affliction of others. Now I count myself privileged, I feel a sense of responsibility has been bestowed on me. This  responsibility is to allow my conscious to converge and share the Mind of those going through difficulties. Then, not to be silent but give my word and conviction to them  that things will change.  That the change will come even thought the present looks so grim.

This responsibility of being  a youth in such a time as this  with energy and talent. My innate desire to see a socially Just Africa instill and compels me to speak against the Atrocities being committed by those in power.  Yes,  this responsibility calls for Stern stand against discrimination and exploitation of the poor .

While I write this from Nairobi Kenya,  I am well aware that Burundians are going through unimaginable tribulations caused by senseless and ineptitude leaders whose vision never go beyond their own lives. While I write this, I am disgusted by the inhumane images doing rounds on social media networks of Ugandan women politicians being assulted by police. I can’t comprehend how a normal man will strip naked a woman like your mother r or sister or wife in publicity is the worst punishment the police can do to themselves.  Nevertheless, I know those images will be impeded in the subconscious and will torture them forever, I guess they have no clue of this.

My knowledge of the world and my appreciation of the fact that we are all equal and valuable before our creator, is the foundation of my philosophy.  That we should respect all people despite their social standing, race or colour.

If today I seat and pretend that all is well when politicians and leaders especially in Kenya are on a ruthless scavenging of public resources; I will be no different than hypocrite king Herod who when he had that a king had been born in his kingdom asked the wise men to let him know where he was born that he will go worship Him.

This chance that I will never have  had if it was not by the grace of God through generosity of men who sponsored my education ; I take it with authority to call all well meaning people to take time to reflect how best we can reform and transform Africa and the world to a better place.

We have a responsibility individually and collectively to serve others.  This is the greatest commandment we were given by the child who we will be celebrating a few hours from now. 

May his presence in the world inspire us to think and act against the #socialinjustice meted on the voiceless and weak.

Let us share our love with them that are not in a position to.  Let us speak for them that can not speak because they fear for their lives. Let us stand against the despicable acts of violence propagated by unreasonable individuals in leadership position like It is happening in Burundi. 

Plus my family I will all merry Christmas.


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