Uhuru’s Message : Corruption is corrosive and kills, let us shun away.

The President’s speech was clear and to the point. All are disgusted with the  the cancer of Corruption. The words scratch the bottom of my heart and mind.  I know It is what has denied us immense development.

Today, I strongly support the President on the strong stand and talk on corruption; however,  I urge that let action follow the words.

Sustaining the fight against corruption is key; we must join our hands and minds to fight the vice.

It is the love for this country that will compel us to take a strong stance on fighting the impunity that has taken root in our governance systems. With the love, and  without vision of the future we would so little. Let us inculcate both the love and vision ;for then hope for the future will become reality.

Today,  we have a chance to start a new life;A life of freedom.  Our struggle never stopped when the British colonists left Kenya, instead our struggle for better life is constant. And now than ever we are  called to be persistence and consistent in dismantling Injustice from our cultures.

We are not going to win if we sit and complain,  but if we stand to be counted in the process of making our country better.

We need to take our emancipation from the Yokes of poverty  seriously,  we need to reconsider our future from the lens of our present action. I believe the success in the war against social Injustice and exploitation depend on our commitment and persistence in tackling the issues.

  Let us take our time,  implement the small things that we can; for that is what will create a better future.

Today as we celebrate our independence, let us not forget that our forefathers sacrificed their lives for our own lives to be better.  Let us take that responsibility of creating a better future for the generation to come. Let us be ready to make those sacrifices by rejecting retrogressive politicians and their politics.


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