Community organizers and volunteers; panacea to transform weird Africa politics

Community organizers and volunteers were in the heart of a movement; a movement that on 4th of November 2008 inspired critical changes in the world; ushered in new dimension of politics. The United State of America elected the first Africa American to be their president. On the surface, it looked simple; but when one digs deeper; credit would be given to community organizers; volunteers who gave themselves for the course that turned into the books of history. The president elect; Barack Hussein Obama just like Martin Luther king, and Mahatma Gandhi understood the importance of underground movement; and committed himself to the organizational ideals of running a functional social movement.
In his book, The Audacity to Win, David Plouffe the manager of the Obama Campaign details the unfolding event of the peculiar journey that resulted to fulfillment of a dream of Martin Luther king junior -Africa American seen as equal to their whites counterparts; a hardcore supporter of Civil Rights movement; and a crusader for social justice.
Commitment to play a different kind of politics was the strategy adopted by the Obama campaign; he chose a road less traveled. With his team they decided to partner with people at the grassroots to run the campaign for change. Armed with passion and zeal to solve the endemic problem of inequality; he sought to influence those who mattered most: the masses.
This strategy was ridiculed; it was criticized; but this was the only way to cause a seismic wave; a wave that finally delivered result that gave the world a new peculiar history.
Today, as I checked my Facebook timeline, one respected gentleman, a former contestant for the senatorial seat in Nyamira county; who happened to be among those who experienced firsthand, the historic campaign of Obama announced what for me feels like the greatest news: senator Sam Abuga Mweberi is coming home from the US not as a politician but as a community organizer. There will be never sweeter news than this.
Our politics has bred social injustice that make me sick; our politics has become the nastiest thing and bruising battles that will never inspire genuine servants. The politics played in Africa requires critical surgery; it requires surgery that cannot be entrusted to those with the minds that have been contaminated by the sickening happenings that currently run through our media.
We need fresh mind with a different strategy; for me this strategy must include educating the masses how to stand and speak for themselves. I will advocate what Martin Luther King Jr did -nonviolent revolution. This will require us to transform our mind: not to conform to the ways of the current crop of leaders who continuously seek to trample on the unlucky in life. We need to find those who will believe that all are created equal with equal opportunities to succeed in life.
Those to be entrusted with this task should be willing to sacrifice their time to enlighten those who have resigned to the fate oppression. We need to have those who are ready to reclaim the freedom that is a right to all of us. Right to life.
We have an obligation to seek freedom from the shackles of poverty; freedom from hunger; and freedom from diseases. The freedom we seek will not be given to us. Attaining freedom from economic exploitation will not be a walk in the park; but a vicious struggle; a struggle… a struggle larger and complicated than the fight wedged against the colonial masters by our founding fathers.
This fight requires bright, smart, and intelligent fellows. People, who by nature abhor discrimination, these champions will be in possession of passion to see a possibility of different kind of politics. Yes, my dream sounds crazy; but I strongly feel our generation have a chance to write a new history in Kenya and Africa.
With worsening economy; and increased appetite for stolen and embezzled resources: impetus and momentum is building. The heat is simmering; temperatures are rising; what we are now waiting is the explosion of a volcano of anger and hatred for the social evils that have dominated Kenya and Africa and has come to define it is policies and practices for over five decades since independence.
On this premise I base my prediction for a social revolution; counting on dissatisfaction of most youths; they will be the one to stir an insurgence for social movement. A social revolution is now eminent than ever; the clouds are gathering from the horizon. Community organizers; just like Obama team; read and appreciated hunger for change. They gave them the chance and lol and behold they fantastically delivered!
Tonight, I write this with a strong conviction that in a short while there will be a roller coaster; there will be a tsunami. The political Tsunami is not going to spare those who have for a long time resisted change. The tsunami is going to drown those who swiftly and religiously continue living in denial. Now than ever, I feel at peace and tranquility; that we have many of our global citizens bringing us experience that will complement our effort to cause the change that we required like yesterday.
As I welcome-Mweberi, our Chief community organizer home; may our youth now take the task at hand, roll our sleeves and get to work. Let us take the ideology of building social movement from scratch. Let us give our all to this cause. It is the only promise we can leave as inheritance to our sons and daughters.
How pleasant will it be if the books of history recorded us as part of the generation that reshuffled the old and hazardously politics to a reasonable society that respected the rights of others as equal human beings with potential to succeed in life.


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