Kenyans :Let us stand with the robbed not the robbers.


The politics of our nation and continent is now consuming whatever little credibility we bestow on leadership. Going by the acts of massive stealing and constant  embezzlement of public resources by those given leadership responsibilities is unimaginable.

I now believe what Martin Luther King Jr  said “we have politicians who have a high blood pressure of deceptive rhetoric and suffer from anaemia of concrete action.” our politicians have changed into animals devoid of the atavistic nature

Through and through, I have always wondered what triggers the insatiable hunger for accumulation of ridiculous wealth. Maybe, now I think we might be the cause. Reason, We have placed a high premium on our politicians.  We have elevated them to be deities. Creatures who can do anything for us. I find this extremely awkward and unwarranted from people who expect development.

To massage their ego we praise them;even when the squandering our future we condone and appreciate their character .  But in exchange, we  demand what can’t be fathomable – demanding  that our politicians settle our bills, even the ones for our food. We crown this with Inconsistencies in what we say and practice; I believe this is what contributes to of our continued suffering and oppression.

I have learnt; if you make yourself a slave, one will waste no chance, but exploit the given opportunity to maximum especially in misusing your talents and gifts. According to MLK Jr, oppression is only possible when the oppressed resign to the conditions of the oppressor.

I am now persuaded, that as Africans, we are the only ones who have the keys to our liberation. We  are and can be the only saviours of our lives .  We have the chance to extricate ourselves from the chains of poverty  and shackles of social Injustice.

We only need to sober up; dust ourselves ; take lessons from the past and finally soldier on with live with confidence. We hold the destiny of our future and that of our children.

Let us take the challenge,  let us teach ourselves the only truth ; that we are born equal; we are masters of our own lives ;and that if we muster courage we will win the battle against social evils that hang perilously over our beautiful and glittering future.


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