Hunger for transformation: key to eradicating poverty in Africa

Now than ever in the history of mankind; we are facing tremendous challenges. These evils, as Daniel Goleman identifies them are as a result of our disobedience to rules and laws of the world that govern human race. The challenges are real, they are enormous. It will take concerted effort for us to overcome them.
To restore normalcy in the world, we have to fight to regain and retain human respect and dignity. We have to consider each other equal and important in the fight against the vices that threaten our existence. We must get past the facade of tribalism. We have to stand tall and resist the whims of the greedy and selfish in our communities who propagate them.
Doing this call for a strong resolve to build character; character that is based on values. These values must be premised on respect for human life and dignity. Anything short of this is a recipe for more trouble and disasters.
As world leaders contemplate on the best way to save the future of the world; let us too put our shoulders on the plough to contribute to their effort. This we will do by religiously holding our leaders socially responsible for their actions. We would need to develop brevity to reject coercion; we must resist being hoodwinked when they do not the right thing. We have to stand and call for probity.
When they squander our future and that of our children, history will harshly judge us that we never took responsibility to protect their lives, but instead, we kept silent. I can’t imagine any conspicuous failure than this. The Africa icon Nelson Mandela is in history books as a hero; It is hard to fathom what he will be if he was never humble enough to lead his people and with humility passing the button.
His story is where I draw my inspiration. From his tenacity and commitment in fighting for his people is the source of my hope that success is real and possible.
In his fight against apartheid are great lesson that even in tragedy one can prosper so long as we never despair. With his comrades, even after being taken to prison they never relented. They pursued their course seeking justice for the people of South Africa.
We are living in a time when corruption is like never a vice, but something that is celebrated. This irks my spirit. The phenomenon has caused great divisions in our communities. It has created classes that now define the society. These classes are fertile ground for discontent; discontent is what has led to rampant radicalization.
Terrorism is a menace that we need to tame; but will be project impossible if we don’t address the core of the problem, which is the unimaginable inequalities within our society. When dejection crops into the life of an individual, they are in danger of planning unreasonable activities
Friends, it is high time we realized that we are making a bed that will torturous to sleep on. It is therefore incumbent upon each of us to make a resolution of saving our future by doing that small right. It is only because of some few people who do the right thing that the world is running otherwise we would have been screwed.
Just like Noah’s call was rejected during the floods; we need to be careful to heed to the call to save our future. Our future lies in our hands. Let us build and protect it


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