Really change will take time:Let us take the first step


Each day many are being deluded by the state of economy in our country. We are facing a time of tremendous hardship. Hopes being washed away. The crop of leaders we  complicates the situation. We need a saviour.

Our liberator is none other than our conscious. We have kept silent for so long that now the Lion is at our doorstep, thirsty for our blood and hungry for our fresh.

I wonder what happened.  I am confused why it took us so long that now the character of impunity has become part of us.  I am angry with myself, that is why I have freed my conscious. To condemn the social Injustice(economic crimes) being committed by our elites in leadership position .

Our conscious is the greatest impediment to the realization of true freedom.  It is said that the only dangerous weapon the oppressor has in his arsenal is the Mind of the oppressed.

If as the oppressed we stand and say no to their seduction,  then we have chances of winning.
This will not be easy.  It will  take time, it will cost us a fortune.

However, if we stick to our guns and say enough is enough,  if we could only for once stand against this outright exploitation,  then we would have a head start towards Canaan.

This has been a dream, but since I started pouring my heart and mind in this blog, my heart’s burden has lessened. I fee

l  my contribution as a voice for the voiceless is gaining momentum. I am not bucking down. 

I know the cost our founding fathers paid in their fight against colonialism.  I have read the history. Their struggle is crystal clear in my mind.  I have no doubt some had the best interest of the county’s progeny .

However,  I am persuaded from the same history that at some point they strayed. They glorified tribalism and individualism in place of patriotism and proper governance when they took over power . They propagated politics of division. Clearly,  it is the reason we are in this quagmire today.

To reverse this trend is not easy. It needs determination and strong heart. For those who try to oppose the status Quo will be vilified,  will be humiliated, but that is the cost we would pay if we have to change the way of doing things.

Those who are ready, those who feel cheated by the way things are done like I do, take your small action. Act now , thereafter,  they say persistence would help us will reap the fruits of good governance and just society.


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