Faithful Servants: Let Us Seek to Triumph Adversity and Tough Times

Twenty seven years of imprisonment of Nelson Mandela developed in him a peculiar hunger for freedom. I wonder how he managed to keep his spirit alive. In his Long walk to freedom memoir, he contends that being in prison deprives an individual everything except a chance to think. As a social justice advocate I find solace and inspiration in his story.

Now than ever as Kenyans and Africa in general we face complex challenges, besides terrorism and discrimination, we are also confronted by rampant corruption. The latter vice is like a cancer eating away our future. It is a real challenge to coexistence and peace. It is true that inequality offers fertile ground for imagination of heinous activity to thrive.

As we seek to eradicate social injustice, I am cognizant of the fact that we are in a complicated society and era, the 21st century; we need to be alive to the complicated nature of the individuals in question-corrupt and selfish These people involved are well connected with a network that has been build for decades with strong establishment. They will fight back the moment their existence is threatened.

It is with this mind, I acknowledge and appreciate the great works of our Africa fighters during the colonial era, they discarded and buried their differences to stand and fight against imperialism of the master. Yes they had differences but their main aim of setting free African people was important than their own issues.

From Mau Mau to ANC to SWAPO in Zimbabwe, Africa fighters sought to reclaim dignity of their people. Now most of the fighters have gone to be with their creator. But their legacy lives with us. It is the best inheritance they left to us.

Despite their shortcomings, their history means a lot to those of us who need inspiration to stand against social evils committed by those who have entrusted with for the future of Africa.

I write this to encourage my fellow youths. We have to take the button from those who received it from our Africa founding fathers. We need to redefine the course of Africa. Long after the colonial master left, we are still yet to eliminate poverty, we are yet to eradicate ignorance worst of all we are not able to take care of our patients ailing from simple treatable diseases. They are mourning, they are dying. Now is the time to rise up and denounce these despicable acts.

If Nelson Mandela will have woke up two months ago as a patient died in the Ambulance because he would not raise the required deposit before he was admitted; I know he will be flabbergasted with actions of leaders of our country.

Such like matters is what make me feel we need to be liberated the fourth time, however the difference will be that we will be down to emancipate ourselves from oppressive regimes that value not human dignity. This time we will be seeking to fight against our own Africans who have turned away from our African values that emphasized on empathy, compassion and communism.

Greedy is what now defines those in position. We are under siege not from the invincible queen of England but with our fellow tribesmen and women as they mull of our resources embezzling them whenever an opportunity present itself.

These are the vices that we are to reject and denounce. Like Pope Francis indicated, corruption one of the most vicious social evil we are facing as a country is like sugar. If we take past the recommended level then we become seek. Yes we are almost becoming plunging into a ditch that will put a last nail in our economy. If we don’t resist these seductive advances then we are doomed to a free-fall which will take a miracle to salvage.

All we need to do is to establish our values. Then when we get out fighting we will have the moral authority to speak out of this potent subject. Otherwise, we will be doing fanfare if we don’t build credible character that can be a valuable in the fight against explo9itation of the poor by their own leaders.

Let us learn the art of being servants. Let us not forget what Jesus told a multitudes he used to teach he once said; “Whoever seeks to be great let him/her be a servant.”


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