Inequalities Among Christians : source of social Injustice and exploitation

My life philosophy has been weaved through myriad experiences. I have felt the kind of rejection one feels when isolated from others, isolation that makes you feel you only have a little meaning in life. It has taken Effort to regain my self-confidence. It has taken the help of few who value others to get me where I am.

Being a Christian, at the age of twelve being an alter boy- staying in church to help the pastor,- I have had experience which always shocked me.

Why should a people, – Church goers- despise their fellow Christians. How on earth are people in churches able to form cliques that isolate other believers?

I have always sought for  answers with no success, now still i continue wondering.

My mother always asks me to respect others, she always tells me that all people are equal, sometimes I was naive to think that equality was a generally applicable principle, that those who looked down upon our family did that out of ignorance.

To my surprise, the opposite was true, inequality has been enshrined in our Iives that it seems to be the right thing to do.  No wonder if you are not driving you will find it extremely difficult to engage whoever drives at the same level even if you had substance . It is unfortunate but it is real

If you thought that being a member of a social club is where this rules apply you are mistaken. Churches have become social clubs,  they are now actively and aged in the vice.  If you attend one  you will attest to this, the heart of humility that Jesus Christ preached and taught are no longer considered reasonable.

Jesus taught the people that who ever want to great should be a servant. How many can say that we are serving,  how many will talk to you like you are not worth their class. I have seen I have heard and experienced.

Exploitation is not only depicted by slave trade that was experience decades ago, exploitation is not only explained through economic crimes committed by greedy and selfish individuals. Exploitation include humiliation suffered by the less fortunate in society by being outrightly rejected by their fellow Christians. Exploitation includes shunning away from them that need our empathy and compassion.

Knowing all this has made my heart resolve to continue to highlight this disease that courses greediness and selfishness.

Knowing the power of compassion and Agape love, that while I was a sinner and hopeless: one God had a plan for me.  Plan for prosperity, I have no other obligation other than being an advocate of #socialjustice. Especially starting from the family of brethren. I have an obligation to start sharing my concerns which I believe is the root cause of the heinous evils committed by the reckless and careless individuals who have been bestowed with the responsibility of leading

Together we can solve these social ills that now than ever threaten to dismantle our humanity. Together now than ever we need to stand in the gap, invoke our human ativist to resist coercion to join the bandwagon of discriminators


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