Denouncing Injustice :A hallmark of humility


The mass held at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Kangemi slums in Kenya by Pope Francis reveals what social justice requires. “I am here to share with you in your sorrows” said the Pope to the residents of the slums, “I am here to speak what people never speak, something that has never been spoken in stock exchange:your indomitable spirit to coexist and accommodate one another.

His words echo what fundamentally forms the basis of my values:All people are equal and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

I believe that where we are born should not form the basis through which we are judged.  Our social standing should not inform your imagination of my future.

I am of the view that we are born equal and that we have decided  to create barriers that have separated us from our pure form.  Our ingenuity, creativity and sense of Humanity.

Because we have lost our values, because our vision has been tampered with by greediness and selfishness, we now pride in murdering the present and future of our nation.

Listening to what Pope Francis told us, I am persuaded that within the world exist individuals who abhor social Injustice just like I do .

I am encouraged and inspired. By the fact that there are those we can look up to to draw our motivation to stay on course in fighting for the rights of the people no matter where they were born. 

It is invigorating to learn that we have a chance to make things right for ourselves and the coming generation.

Like Abraham Lincoln wrote in one of his address to the Congress “whatever I do I do it because I believe it will save US. I don’t do what I don’t because I believe it will hold together the people of America.” what a statement from a statesman who believed that all people aught to be free! .

We all deserve to live, we all deserve better life.  However, when few individuals increasingly demand the few resources for themselves without regard and  respect for others, animosity is bred.

We need to stand and resist the sugar coated bitter  pills tribalism, corruption and disrespect for the less fortunate in the society. Let us embrace compassion and empathy for those going through difficult times.


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