Africa youth Bulge: A monumental challenge but an opportunity for growth

The EU is contemplating of advancing $2 billion to Africa to strike a deal of restricting illegal immigration to EU countries. They are doing this in pretext of creating opportunities for Africans to work in Africa.

As EU is doing this, African leaders think that immigration of youth to those countries is a relief from political pressure. They consider youth bulge a potential crisis.

As we wonder what to do with the young generation that is rapidly growing, bloodthirsty creatures in the Name of religion have taken advantage of the vulnerability of energetic and ambitious youths, they have cast their nets wider, a result, extensive radicalization.

The recent attack in France is a sure sign of what absence of inspiring youths with proper values can do. Reading of the story of the main suspect who masterminded the attack I Paris , I was shocked that this was an innocent and creative youth.  His father is quoted in the an article in international New York times lamenting, that he knows not what happened to his son, who was humble and obedient

Previous attack at Garissa University was jointly carried out by a graduate from the University of Nairobi law graduate. This portends extreme challenge.

Our approach to solve this problem lies in recognizing that #socialjustice is paramount. We need to respect and listen to the young people.

We need to create opportunities for youth.  It is true, leaders who don’t create opportunities are not worth to be called leaders.

We need to join hands to find ways of creating wealth.
First, we have to demystify Agriculture as an alternative source of employment. We need to inspire youth to join in the band wagon of building the nation.

However, it will take formulation of right policies to encourage and attract investors.

Secondly, like Dr.  Richard Munang UNEP regional coordinator has passionately claimed in his writing, Africa governments need to open their borders for intra-trading. Allowing mobility of both people and goods will be an incentive that will encourage participation.

Finally, given that we are living in a knowledge economy, we need to take up technology as a tool to help us share information. We should be guided by the words Kuroweski “Wisdom of the Crowd,” informed masses will make a better decision than the smartest individual.

Let us take our time to build capacity for the youths, let us make it a priority teach our youths proper values as we inspire them to act. Most importantly we need to help shape the future of our continent.


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