Who created them, what is their motivation : I condemn the killing in France


I listened to the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu as he addressed the 70th UN Assembly, the 15 seconds silence in his speech was that intense, almost made me cry. His passionate appeal to the Assembly still rings in my mind. His plea not to support nuclear deal of Iraq was filled with great emotions. “Those who understands the price of war can appreciate my concern” he said. This morning a woke up to this tormenting news of so many  lives lost.

It is inconceivable,  it is heart wrenching, I feel for the families that have been thrown into this quagmire.

I find it difficult to understand why someone will love death to a point of giving their body to sacrifice those who love their lives.

I wonder who created the people who have taken life with such simplicity that they can kill, and  maim without fear.

They have taken online now, they are persuading innocent young people to join them in the atrocious  plan of killing God’s people. It is unacceptable

Maybe we are the ones not doing enough. Maybe we are the one who have abdicated our responsibility of inspiring young people to see the sense of life. Maybe we need to change our strategy to fighting terrorism.

I am talking  about taking responsibility to teach and help young people who are prone to the snares of connect and women.  We need to saturate the online platform to inspire confidence about the live that we lead

We need not to be silent, we need not to condemn the youths but we need to embrace them to learn from them.
My prayers and support for those who have been affected.


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