Kenyans what is our history :understanding our history has the key to eradicating corruption


This morning I had a chance to read blogs on the history of Gutenberg in America and that British legacies of slavery.  Given the theatrics of Corruption we have been treated to in the past few weeks  in Kenya, I am compelled to question the knowledge of our history.

I have always wondered why western countries have placed great premium on teaching their children their histories. In their syllabus, history is mandatory,  for America the history of civil rights movement is compulsory
All schools teach the subject.

I have of late felt that the absence of knowledge on our history is a key contributor to our failures as a country . Me think, if those who are mercilessly looting our country knew the pain endured by Dedan Kimathi, if they knew the nature of struggles that were undertaken by the founding fathers of this nation they will stand to protect it.

I am ashamed that I can’t tell all the Mau Mau fighters. This is the history that should inform our patriotism. It is unfortunate that many of my contemporaries have no urge for this knowledge.

Going forward we need to change our strategy, we need to rethink our commitment to developing our country. Given that most of us have no clue of where we have come from, we can easily squander our country.

We have to go back to the roots if we really want to save our country


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