Condom dispensers of 450k in Kenya Ministry of Devolution :Have we lost sense of morality

My Christian Foundation always advocates for self control. I guess it is on this premise that we don’t encourage distribution of condoms anyhow.

The revelation that Ministry of Devolution spent 450,000 to install condom dispensers in its offices is shocking. It is the lowest point that our country has fallen. Not only that, existence of complex cartels siphoning country resources at an alarming rate while teachers are committing suicide because of financial crisis, is unacceptable.

While it is not wrong to install condom dispensers, for the loose individuals, it is ridiculous to use unimaginable amount to carry out the exercise.

The events at the ministry maybe, explains the reason why government officials are ruthlessly embezzling government resources. They have no heart in them, they have become animals. For it is only animals that have no self-control

The President has lost moral Authority over this country. His silence is equivalent to being accomplish of the thieves. His public utterances betrays his commitment to fighting corruption.
I am so ashamed of my president. I am perturbed by his style of leadership. We are no longer comfortable with the way things are done. Outright theft and abuse of citizenry can not be fathomed.

As the symbol of unity, the President has terribly failed. He has joined reckless leaders, hate mongers who are keen to destroy the peace of the country. By him  supporting those blasphemous individuals who mock the name of God in traditional shrines, by not recognizing the victims of PEV in our country, I count him in this unlikely group.

We have been hoodwinked, they are coming to us in the Name of our tribe, they are coming to us in the Name of our coalition. All this is baseless, they are only interested in getting position to guard what they have stolen. They want to get the opportunity to oppress us more.

How I wish we can see this fact.  How I wish as Kenyans we can forget our tribal and coalition affiliations and stand against the oppressor. How I wish we can realize that our future as youths is on stake. Until we learn of this sad fact and accept them then we can raise up to the occasion reject them, resist their charms and Forge our lives harmoniously.

To this end I am still shocked but I am determined to stand with anybody who uphold social justice and respect for humanity.


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