Tragic story of Kenyan Economy: corruption eating our future

If you have been following the unfolding events in our country, I guess you must be worried as I am. Not because of bad economy but because of the insensitivity and arrogance of those we call our leaders.

As a father,  I have learnt I can’t force my family to take whatever I think is right. I used to do that when I was a bachelor,  I would always have my way. But now I have to swallow my pride and reason with them.

It can be difficult,  but you have no option, you have to listen and respond. I have learnt that my response is determined by my attitude. Always our attitude can be perceived. A reason we have to be careful while engaging with others .

When I heard the Deputy president insult Kenyans as illiterate, people who can’t read and understand economics of the country, i sensed danger. He is the head of our family Kenya. We are children, we need to understand why our family is struggling , if we don’t understand, then he should teach us to, not use such derogatory word on us.

His Boss the President is not left behind, he has asked Kenyans to keep cool the country is on the right direction.
“Let those making noise stop and focus on building the nation”. Surely! Don’t we have a right to ask and voice our concerns? If Kenya goes down, we too would sink with it. So Mr.  President, we have to make more noise if you can’t reason with your people.

With the fact that we are taxed and our money misappropriated, with life becoming complex and difficult each day, how can people remain silent? It saddens me, it makes me uncomfortable. We need to stand for our country.

We are circumvented by selfish leaders who want to take advantage of our vulnerability. Now  they have resulted into inciting us against each other in the name of tribe and community . They have become prophets of doom. They are now telling us things are not going to be the same come 2017, Not because we are facing a crisis but because they want to end are themselves to us for votes. It is quite unfortunate.

Those planning chaos, those mismanaging our economy are all the same: Murderers. They are killing our future. They have no mercy, greedy is what drives their hunger for public positions . Let us be careful. Let us be vigilant. Let us stand for social justice. It is our duty to defend our future not our politicians.  They have lost morals.


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