Defending champions Chelsea drowning : Lessons we can draw from the game as Kenyans



I guess there is a problem with the 2014 Champions of premier League. Devastated coach had nothing to say after the humiliating defeat after their game with Liverpool. No hard feelings, challenges are always present in any race. And it is true,  past glory is  never guarantee of future victory.

As Kenyans,  we were extremely optimistic when youthful looking individuals took oath of the highest office.  We thought, finally we have (the moses) people who will concentrate In creating better environment for economic and social growth to redeem us from poverty and youth unemployment . We were wrong. 

As I  speak, our country is entangled in extremely dangerous economic crisis. Corruption has become the order of the day. Obscenities is what we are treated with by those we elected as leaders.  They have lost sense of leadership , they are now worshipping their coalition leaders, protecting them, even when they are wrong.

They are running throughout the country hypocritical, praying for those facing criminal charges at the International Criminal Court. Ironically in their prayers, they never mention the victims who suffered during the time of PEV , God forbid they never mention those who lost properties,  they never mention those who lost their lives. For me, not recognizing these  makes the prayers  a mockery of our feelings and intelligence.

Let us not think that  winning elections was the start and end of leadership. Let us not imagine that supporting our own tribesmen and women will save us from the economic turmoil , we have to look deep into our social fabric to fix our problems.

The President and his Deputy should not sleep and think things will just happen. They don’t have to entertain their friends even when they are milking the economy, embezzling public resources from all angles. However, if they embrace the strategy see no evil then we are doomed to continuous slippery down the lane of bankruptcy

As the general public, just like the supporters of Chelsea we have no obligation to side with the coach, let him take responsibility. We have to ask the leaders to audit their ways, we have to stand firm and ask for respect for all.  We have to be keen in advocating for justice for victims of PEV victims.

I wish all the best to Chelsea players and fans as they take stock of where the problem is.


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