Nairobi Kenya :Out of Adversity we will build resilience to resist social Injustice


We are in the midst of economic turmoil, the harsh conditions has forced hopeless people commit suicide.  It has caused parents to lose control of their families as they strive to put food on the table. Now children are checking into clubs, engaging in disturbing acts. All these paints a grim picture of the future.

However I am hopeful,  I feel that we are going to emerge winners out of this quagmire. My hope is informed by the zeal of many young people who have realized we have a responsibility to defend our country from reckless leaders.

They may not have the ability to do it today, but the persistence and effort to find alternatives  is  a good reason to believe we would come out strong.

We are learning, believe me, even within intricate networks of old boys club that influence every decision happening in boardrooms and high-level decision making meetings , we have a chance to build our own networks.

I am happy to report that even though, there exist extreme insensitivity within the ruling class, the current generation, where I am lucky to belong holds respect for humanity in high regard. Our generation is pursuing peace inclusivity and  social justice. They are not only concern about their well being but also that of the community. You can confirm this by asking them of their motivation for whatever the are engaged in.

Our generation is not blinded by the urge to make money. We are not only seeking wealth,  but also a sense of satisfaction from helping our community to become better.

Equality is one factor that is inbuilt in many hearts and minds of youths In not only Kenya but also in Africa. This is my joy.

My wish is to wake up one day knowing that my child will  not be asked of their clan before they are  considered eligible for a position in my County.  My prayer is that one day when one needs emergency treatment they would be accorded the service before they are  asked for the money. I long for that time that leaders will not  embezzle public funds to bribe the citizenry to elect them into power.

It will take concerted effort to realize this dream.  We only need to be consistent in highlighting the plight in the society. I know It can be scarily especially with the strong, complex, corrupt and careless leaders who are only interested I amassing ridiculous wealth. They can do anything to fight back. But may wisdom lead us to learn to dismantle their ideologies from within.

We have to stand for what will take our country forward. We need to learn to dissociate ourselves from  their  intense hunger for  exploiting the poor and voiceless in the society. It is our responsibility as youths.  That is the only chance fate has bestowed on us.  It is the only promise we can make for progeny.

From Nairobi Kenya we would build peace and social justice  for all, then we will test it throughout Africa and the world.


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