Despondency Engulfing Kenyans:Fellow youths let us raise up, fight for our future


All is not well in our beautiful motherland, Kenya. I am perturbed by the news that many are finding solace in hanging themselves. It is saddening to realize that now most children are finding companion in drugs, it should be a concern to you if the only hope left is one to commit robbery with violence for them to obtain livelihood.

Thank God, I have a purpose greater than what can cause hopelessness in me.  The values inculcated in me by my parents go beyond the earthly things. My Christian Foundation is stronger, I believe this in a midst of challenges I can stand.

Some writers have voice concern over the role of the church in articulating the essence of social justice. The church is to speak for the weak and voiceless in the society , but with current situation most where churches are all about prosperity gospel and instant blessing, there is a lot to be desired.

It is uniquely challenging for Christians like me to explain the relationship between a believer who walks to church while a minister is asking for contribution to buy a range rover.  It makes no sense to me, when I see preachers seeking wealth by exploiting desperate men and women. Unfortunately this is the sad fact that prevail. 

This explains why the church has lost the moral Authority to  keep government leadership Socially accountable to their actions.  It is why corruption has become a norm. In fact we have individuals who have ascended to be church ministers and leaders through compromising situation. I write this as a son of a minister of the gospel.

Hatred and hypocrisy is what defines some of those who have been entrusted with leadership both in government and churches When their positions are threatened they can go to any length, including committing murder, that is how worse things have become.

So when I see teachers being denied their salary,  and no one stands to defend them, I know where the problem is. When I see the economy being messed up by ruthless leaders I know no one will stand to speak for the poor and weak for even those who will have been in a better position to speak out also mistreat and misguide their flocks.

Our generation has betrayed by those who went before us. We are suffering because those who have a  responsibility have no intentions to leave us better. They are only thinking of themselves. They are set to destroy our future.

Our only hope to stop decadence in society is choosing to stand by genuine values.  We need to stand and defend the need for social justice and respect for all.

We need to build a peculiar voice even in the current economic turmoil .  We should not give up so that we start committing suicide.

Let us have hope that tomorrow will be better than today. Until we realize that we need to inspire ourselves,  then we will be doomed to failure and despondency .this is true because those who are supposed to be our role models are busy squandering our future with no regard of our existence.

If you are keen, even though wisdom comes with age, you will realize that our society is full of old but unwise fellows who can sacrifice you for their personal gain.

They have lost sense of Humanity. Be sure that when one loses humanity, they become dangerous than wild animals.

Our country is now in the hands of those who gave lost humanity. We need to be extremely alert.  We have to stand and take every chance to build our muscles to stand their influence.

It can be difficult, but work with them,  learn what they do, let us prepare cautiously, let us be ready to take then right on when the time is ripe.

Like Moses grew in the King’s palace, but refused to continue eating in the palace while his people suffered I know as  youths we have that opportunity. All is not lost.  We have the responsibility of salvaging the future  of our children.

Let us be strategic when we are dealing with them, they are cunning. They are slippery but we have to put up with them. However when time comes let us rise up to the occasion to save our country.


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