Kenyans :collective responsibility will save our lovely country from Jaws of violence.


It doesn’t matter where you come from, it doesn’t matter the language you speak, what matters is what future you are building today. As we are continuously bombarded with obscenities by some reckless politicians, we are negatively being influenced by their actions and utterances. Unless we make a deliberate Effort to collectively say No!,  we will plunge into Furnace of chaos.

Our collective responsibility should be informed by the obligation bestowed on us of building a better future for the next generation. It is the only better promise we can make to our children children.

You have within you the power that no one can take away. This is what I want us to take as youths and all well meaning citizens. We have the ability to resist to believe and act on the advise of those who have no vision for this  country. Our politicians are messing up with our peaceful coexistence

We have experience of what their utterances mean.  We can point out painful scars sustained by innocent people because of Political animosity .  We can point out the slain victims whose spirit are crying for us to reject and denounce those who propagate spirit of division. The painful past is what compels me to urge us to be vigilant.

With our eyes, we can see the trend.  With our ears, we can ear their rattles and rumbles. We should be keen and observant.  With the wisdom from our God let us know they are up to something terrible. They are determined to cause us hate one another.

It is why I am calling for your collaboration. It why I feel it is my responsibility to add my voice on top of many others of concern on their uncouth behaviour. Let us be careful even us the sweet talk us to believe that our communities are targeted when they questioned .  Let us be courageous enough to ask them to take both social and political responsibility of their actions.

Let them not cheat us,  we have no tribe except the rich and the poor. When the rain of violence knocks at our doors .  They will run to their secured palaces to watch from the screen as we kill each other just because they would have won our hearts and brainwashed our minds to execute their plans.

We can build our muscles together.  We belong to the same class ad tribe.  They belong to another. Let us take it upon us to reject their whims. At last we will be free to build our nation


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