#DesertofDeath story from Marsabit County epitome of social Injustice on poor people

My  heart and condolences to the
people of Marsabit County in  Northern part of Kenya  for the unspeakable pain of losing your loved ones to uncommon cancer visitor .

The heart breaking story of how cancer is wiping the poor people is saddening. With the government entities concerned shifting blame, No one seems to care about those who are dying, no body seems to be thinking of the lives fading away.

Thanks to investigative report by KTN television. Now we can see outrightly that those in power mind not of other people’s well being.  If for really the cancer is human caused, then we are all responsible because we have been quiet. We are guilty for murder if the atrocities are as a result of recklessness of those who have been exploring oil.

It will be the the highest level of criminal against humanity. Killing innocent Kenyans who have enough challenges of water scarcity and hunger to worry about.

  If the deaths  is due to irresponsibility of the explorers disposing the wastes,  then we have a question to answer before the spirit of the death as well as before God.

What is ridiculous in the whole story is the fact the government has taken three years without no concrete research to establish the cause of the cancer. Many continue succumbing to the jaws of mysterious killer. We have leaders who duel on politics but value less the essence of human life.  This for me is a disaster. 

I hope I will see action now,  I will see action full of pretense with no one taking responsibility for the failure to fast track the research to find out what is ailing Marsabit County to bring to an end the mass death. 

May those who have met with this painful deaths Rest In Peace.


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