Interrupting Dominant Narrative to Shift the Course of Africa Development: Responsibility of Africa Youths.

I am happy to report that we are not hopeless. We are faced with difficulties, but they are making us strong. I am saying this cognizant of the anguish that fellow youths are going through across Africa continent. I am as well perturbed by the rhetoric of our politicians and their insincerity in handling crises.

My hope is informed by the upcoming strong participation of youths in holding governments socially responsible of their is buoyed by the strong voice of reason coming from several Africa youths. One clear instance is the use of twitter Hashtags in Kenya which has forced government to retract some ridiculous decisions.

It is embarrassing and heartbreaking to learn that a government that is facing cash crunch can plan to buy a bar of soap at Kshs.37, 000 which normally would not exceed a cost Kshs. 200 in a supermarket. This in the name of preparation for EL Nino rains. Is this not obnoxious? Isn’t it ridiculous? is this not a way of embezzling public funds . Thanks to Kenyans on social media, predominantly composed of youths, that exposed these nasty affairs in the Kenyan government days ago.

We need to stand and refuse to be used for the benefit of politicians who have for a long time taken advantage of us. Our exemplary ability as youths to take risk, endure hardship should inform our actions going forward. We need to learn how to nurture networks and grow them to form indomitable force to stand against the forces of darkness.

We have to start telling our stories to inspire ourselves for there is almost no inspiration we can expect from most our senior citizens for their character is decomposed. Their moral authority is questionable. If we have to learn from them, then we have to learn only from their failures.

I am certain that we have the ability to set the agenda for our Africa continent. In the past we had left them to determine what we want as a continent. But if we have to change this we should be the ones setting the agenda of the conversation. We need to transform the terrain of conversations to really issues that affects us. We need to stop them from taking charge of every debate. We need to start engaging them on what matters. I believe that matters revolve around social justice and respect for all.

It is now the time that we need to say a big NO to mainstream media discriminating young people. We have to start asking them to shun from engaging chief tribalists in their live broadcast that spit venom to the general public.

TV Program anchors should be candid enough to question the culinary interest of these fellows who have no idea of what their irresponsible talks does to the ailing hearts and minds of citizenry. With the help of tyranny of our knowledge, we should be at the forefront claiming our rightful place in decision making.

To achieve this goal of re-engineering the Africa agenda, we need to build relationship based on trust and mutual respect. To succeed in our fight against social injustice, we have to forge strategic partnership and collaboration across the continent as Youths. To do these we have to use tools such as social media to constructively achieve our common purpose. We have to agree together to amplify our effort collectively for the good of our continent.

Fellow Youths we will only succeed if we recruit massively, share our knowledge generously among our peers. Indeed, the need for third liberation is urgent now than the need for second liberation in most of our countries in Africa Continent then.


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