Arrogance ,Ignorance & dishonesty dominant in kenya political discourse: Kenyans lets be vigilant

We boast, we vilify and abuse those we believe are not on our political  side. We cry and pray for our political godfathers with outright disregard of the  spirit of the of those who died,victims who lost their body parts and properties during the painful PEV in Kenya. how can we best describe the crusaders? reckless and heartless who have no good intention for our country.

Until we learn that they are taking us for a ride, we will sink in the muddy waters of hatred and tribal war that they would not be part of. For your information, they will retreat to their Sheraton and Hilton to watch from the screens as we kill one another. They will come out after we are all finished to seek to be elected by those who are left with scars. They will come with heavenly promises to compensate the victims , but the promises would be null and void.

It is time we need to realize that their blatant arrogance displayed in public is a clear indication of how selfish they are. We should learn that they will not come for your help in time of need, only that Mwangi, OtieNo, Nyakundi, Hassan  Cherimo, Amina and many others who live next door will help you if you fall sick at the middle of the night. Let us cherish them, let us make peace with them, let us love and protect them for those are our true tribesmen and women

Let us not follow those who are loose in their talks, let us not think they are with us, let us not even imagine they will ever think of  helping  us to be better. They are politicians, they have mastered the art of crocked politics. If you follow them you will be sure to sink in the sea of vanity. They are chameleons, they have no permanent enemy, they can easily cross boarders. In fact they are neighbors in leafy suburbs. they wine ad dine together, you can’t separate them. All  others issues is just what has become normal politics.

This is the reality, we need to live by this sad revelation. That the only people who can help us is that person you are traveling together in a matatu. The only person who can relate to what you are saying is that one who stays in your neighborhood and share the same shop . We ought to be careful with our politicians.

It is my prayer that we learn to appreciate those who mean well to us. And these people definitely can’t be our politicians but our fellow brothers and sisters that we live together.


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