Relationship : The only currency that never depreciate.


Our country is facing an economic crisis that is threatening our  future as youths. Just like the world  financial economic crunch of 2008 taught capitalist that there was more for one to be successful, we will also be forced to accept that relationships are significant .

With greedy and selfish elites causing unimaginable suffering to Kenyan people, I believe we will emerge stronger for we will learn that money alone  is not everything that one needs in life to succeed. It should not be mistaken that it is not, it is but there are other crucial factors.

We are where we are as a country because some few unscrupulous individuals have collaborated, swindling everything that comes their way, and transferring the wealth to foreign countries with the help of their accomplices.

These people have no ounce of regret. They are as comfortable as ever. As the country drowns they are drinking in prestigious joints and clubs, building the nation!

It disturbs me, it evokes in me anger, but it is good for our country. I am convinced It will build our stamina for us to stand against these Injustices . Yes I believe we will be stronger in our breaking economy .

The circumstances we are in thrust us into the uncommon waters.  We now have to learn the essence of valuable relationship. It is true that relationship never depreciate even in times of difficulty, instead It is the only currency that appreciate in adversity

Relationship build on trust, and respect for humanity is what am thinking about . This tough time will help develop in us great hunger for social justice. The financial crisis in our country creates a pathway that would lead us to engage in logical public discourse on various social evils committed by few elites in the community.

We have to built relationship among the youths to reject the opinions advanced by cartels working on behest of criminal who are to robe us of our future. They are coated in charismatic eloquent persons. They have no heart and vision for our country.

Valuable relationship is the key we have as youths  to open the flood gates of success. Trustworthy networks is the channels we have at our disposal to reject the corrupt ways of the hypocrites leading our nation.

Hope this will make sense to someone. I hope we will emerge victorious out of this trying time, if only we can learn the secrets of the war before us.


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