What will it take to stand against social Injustice in Kenya?



The plight of the PEV victims in Kenya is the epitome of social Injustice ignored by those we term our leaders. Over five years they have been languishing in IDP camps, as the political class enjoy the juice of wealth diverted from their compensation kitty.

Correct me if am wrong, why haphazardly distribute the IDP’s aid. I saw Kenya Deputy president give some 210,000 to IDPs over the weekend telling them to find land anywhere in the country and settle.

But my question remains, why now and why should people be not be given back to them what was taken from them? My concerns are valid until I get the answers. But lol! , I am not sure if I will get the answers.

The efforts of our DP is crowded with doubt and hidden agenda. Ask me I will tell you, if they were genuine then he will order his troops to stop the obscenities and rhetoric in their prayer rallies.

Given his silence I will take that he supports their unmeasured words full of venom and hatred. I refuse to believe to take his words that people should go settle anywhere in the country.

Until they start  a campaign of giving back what was stolen from the rightful owner, I will still not take their word serious but mare rhetoric .

How then are we going to stand against social Injustice committed by our political class, who for Heaven sake think they own the world? Only if the voice of reason from youths will remain steadfast and uncompromising . I am thrilled by the efforts of youths and Patriots on social media. They are not taking anything to chance. They are ready to open to the world the evils committed. This we should commend and encourage.

We should work speak out even even when some part of forth estate is being compromised. We should be relentless.

When our beautiful country is being brought to its knees by selfless individuals, let us stand and shout, let us stand and resist. We have the ability, we have the numbers. We only need to have the guts to say NO! to their charming seduction.

Let us not be their accomplish by maintaining silence while they loot our resources. Let us not be bystanders when they make retrogressive policies that will come to haunt us when they are gone. Let us be vigilant on who we support.

When we are faced by temptation to give in, may our heart and mind remind us that it is our responsibility bestowed upon us by chance that we are youth in such a time to build a better future. It is the only promise we can offer to keep for posterity. 

It is our time, Fellow Youths it is our opportune moment to keep our promise for the next generation. We have to stand against corruption in Kenya and Africa at large.


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