My heart to the victims of Kenya Post Election Violence:Where is Justice for them



It was the darkest moment in our country. Seems like we have forgotten and we are going back to that Era where we allowed our politicians to poison us against each other.

I am writing this in the heat of renewed effort of proving who fixed who in the ICC.

I am ashamed of our politicians, I am angry on their lack of respect for the victims.

Who will speak for those who were displaced and never given back their land? Who will speak for those who suffered critical injuries as they freed the skirmishes? Who will speak for the relatives who lost their loved ones during that torturous moments.

With due respect for Mr. Deputy president William Ruto, with due Respect to Mr. Sang, I am utterly disappointed with educated individuals who turn in National television and have no idea that besides the two gentlemen their are a mass of victims who also deserve recognition and appreciation.

My heart cries for justice for the victims. As for the politicians cajoling the minds and hearts of  Kenyans I pity you.

My plea to fellow kenyans.  Some of the people we elected to be our representatives have no humanity remaining in them. Their hearts have been eroded by the urge of amassing wealth at our on expense. They have no ideal in them.

It is our time to resist their lies. It will be a good idea to stand for ourselves for they have no space to accommodate the voice of reason. They have no vocabulary of social justice.

Let us not be cheated, their prayers are campaigns to draw a wedge between common man. They are using the art of war tactics. They should be called what fits their description – evil minded. Insane and greedy. Let us never follow them. They are headed to hell.

Brother and sisters let us refuse to follow them to hell, let us stand and  resist their pull towards dangerous and shaky water waves of hatred and violence . Let us refuse to be enjoined with their need to sink our beautiful country into chaos.

We are better than they think. We are rational. If they have lost their rationality, Let us remind them we have not, let us reject them with their stolen wealth when that time comes 2017 August.


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