Kenyans : Irresiponsible Talks Resulted in what we never Expected, Our politicians are getting us into it again

Thank you brother Boniface Mwangi for Documenting  images of post election violence now published in the internet. I am forced to revisit them, because recent talks by our politicians point to a perilous end if we care not to tell them STOP!

PEV-201I remember this time , it is that moment that you want not to go back but i am force to , because it is my responsibility to refuse to be yolked with selfish individuals with no vision for our country. Indeed, where there is no vision people perish. we are facing serious leadership challenges not only in Kenya but in Africa at large. Unless we provide leadership we will plunge into unimaginable ocean of chaos, where restoration of peace will be a night mare.PEV-141While watching a discussion in one of our national television channel, i was utterly embarrassed. That even educated fellows who are supposed to have a voice of reason on the suffering of such woman, mother and many others who were not captured in the picture during the trying time of PEV, Have no such vocabulary in their discussion. The only people who come to their mind is our Deputy president , and Mr. Sang who are facing judges at the ICC. I consider this hypocrisy of unimaginable extent, they have no good intention for the DP and Brother Sang.

Let me make something clear , i have nothing against our brothers, i wish them well as they seek to clear their names. what is most disgusting is that those voicing their concern over their cases make no reference to those who suffered during the time of PEV. They casually comment on what i feel should be given first priority.

We are all equal before God, i am of the believe that none is better than the other. None deserves to die, not one should suffer because of somebody else’s sins except Jesus Christ who died for us.

PEV-211when i see these images i wonder whether our politicians , ever imagine what befell young children, innocent mothers, and men who were killed with no mercy. I get extremely worried of late when i see a politician stand to address a crowd, you can almost definitely predict, venom is what will emanate from their mouth.

Let us be weary of them, let us refuse their seduction to believe that when they are questioned our communities will be in danger. Instead,Let us know  if we hold them socially accountable, we will at the end be the winners, for we would avert serious repercussions that will affects us, and our children

Our neighbors are our social security, let us treat them with respect.Let us protect one another from the enemy who seek to divide us in the name of politics with culinary interest.


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