Kenyans:Hypocrisy and dishonest of our politicians threatens our peace and coexistence


Confusion is what hits my conscious when I see and hear what our politicians are doing. They are rekindling past wounds, they are reminding us their dirty actions during post election violence. I am fearful. I am angry.  And I am ashamed of these people

I am ashamed that these people have lost sense of respect for the victims of PEV, They are keen to impress their bosses at the expense of those who suffered critical scars.

In the Name of prayers, they make political statements that not only annoys but hurts those who have no power, those who have none but God as  their comforter.Humanity and respect for people is a foreign vocabulary for our politicians they are hungry for recognition. That is why they are desperate for publicity.

My worry is that their utterances are purely tribal, they are purely political with no sense of honesty. They are meant to achieve a political agenda with hidden meaning.

I wonder if they feel that their words invokes sentiments of past hurting, I wonder if this people really imagine the pain of those who lost their family members, relatives and friends during that bloody times. I guess not.

For I know them is why I write this to urge you, my brother my sister, that given my interaction with these people, their intentions are not good, they are making a point.  The point is clear they want to sacrifice our peace at the alter culinary interest. Let us be wearily.

We need to stand and ignore the ones who call themselves leaders.  We have to shun away from their rhetoric and consider their words for what they are: void and meaningless to our lives.

They have no other intentions other than helping us erect barriers between our rational thinking and our sense of Humanity.


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