kenyans :Outright dishonest in the issues affecting the country is our undoing


Dale Carnegie in his book how to make friends and influence people enumerates various ways of handling crisis. In yesterday’s speech by the President to the nation is injurious and full of dishonest backed by rational numbers which of course can make sense to economists not to the aggrieved teachers.

It has become increasingly difficult to imagine how my sisters and brothers who are paining due to harsh economic times will perceive last night speech by the President while members of parliament and other public officials draws humongous salaries.

It is disheartening to imagine, it is hurting to think that your government has retracted on her own words and promise to the teachers. But it is real, it was  confirmed. Expect nothing from her. What a sad turn of events.

Matters are made worse when you see large sums of money being embezzled in the ministry of devolution and yet you are told their is no money.

Where is our honest as a country. If we can’t empower those who are supposed to.

Where is the heart of wise leader who will calm the emotionally wounded teachers who are now under siege by its own employer.

Where is the rule of law when everything seems to have been decided even though the case is still in court waiting to be determined.

Where is that humanly heart to address issues in a calm and not confrontational and provocative way.

I am lost of words.

I know we are sinking into the deep sea of economic crisis. But this will be a good lesson for us all. We will stand to resist the arrogance of our leaders.

I long for that time that tribal affiliation will be the reason why you would be selected to head a ministry, I long for that time people will not be contributing millions in fundraisers while crying there is no money, I long for that time that we will take responsibility of our decisions.

It is coming, it would be stronger, I am talking of the Revolution of mindset, transformation of our imagination. That when I write such an article it would be taken as my own opinion not that of my community.

Finally I will say the issue of teachers and subsequent closure of schools will lead us talk, it will help us to really see what has been unforseen.  Those saying we should look at the wage bill, please let this apply equally to all people.

God bless teachers God bless Kenya.


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