kenyans :Where Did we take sense of Humanity.


We are entangled in unending quest for better pay for our teachers. Shocking enough those who are supposed to show leadership have utterly failed us.

I say this well aware that we might not have sufficient funds to pay them.  But the way president Kenyatta handled the whole issue is such a devastating. I wish the President will have approached the matter in a conciliatory manner.

Now that he didn’t I an an angry man. I know many just like me are seeing a government which has betrayed her teachers. This are the people who made me.  They are the people who opened my world that now I can communicate to the world through this blog. I am really embarrassed by the insensitivity of those in leadership like our president.

We are human, I know the nature of human,  we can always understand if we felt we are valued. Now that the ones who are supposed to guard the rule of law have defied it, we are in dilemma. We have to stand strong if we have to win against this discrimination of our mentors.

I want to urge the government to reconsider their stand on the issue of teachers. Let the government know that our teachers are the ones shaping the future of our country.



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