#Refugeewelcome : when compassion for human life should be given first priority

As i write this there is  a campaign on twitter and other social media to compel EU member states  to consider the refugee crisis. I write this to appreciate all those who have contributed in the signing the petition that will be presented to the EU parliament.

The image of a child claimed by the hungry waves of waters Floating in the bunk of the sea waters should be a wake up call for those of us who confess to value human dignity. It should cause our hearts to pray for them,it should compel us to ask our leaders to think of life before they think of their interests.

I am particularly impressed by the statements from A Angela Markel who has categorically said that refugees are welcome to Germany, i appreciate the human hearts of team Brusse Dortmund that welcomed refugees to their playing field. this is what i call humanity. It is what gives me a reason to be proud of human species.

To Scotland , who have just joined in to offer support to refugees, thank you, i am happy with the statement that we should not call the affected people refugees but call them by their nature: human.

For those leading in the campaign #REFUGEEWELCOME you have my whole heart and support. for i know for sure that i can only put my son in a boat in the sea if the land is more perilous than in the water. We should not blame them, we should only blame the insensitive and bloodthirsty creatures fighting in Syria.

I wish to reiterate that we can’t fight against social injustice by denying refugee to those in need. we can not achieve prosperity by selectively discriminating those who have been hit by calamity.

it is my humble submission that we support those straggling from war-torn areas


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