When passion meets purpose change is inevitable


On a twitter chat yesterday, organized by conveners of SEEDAS2015,questions raised by participants raised hope in me. The hope that many people are tired of global poverty and are ready to do whatever they can to change the situation. This is what I call purpose meeting passion .

Despite the Grand corruption, despite the insensitivity of most of our governments I still have that hope. The hope that comes from the desire of seeing a better future for our continent.

However, this will call for more action geared towards transforming our mindset of what is leadership. Leadership is not accumulation of wealth. Leadership is not being worshipped. Leadership is about serving others. Leadership is creating opportunities for people.

This kind of leadership I yearn for does not discriminate. The kind of leadership that I dream is that which values other.  The leadership I think of is that which puts human dignity at the forefront.

As the clock ticks towards #SEEDAS2015 in Nairobi my hopes are high.  That I will get to learn more and interact social innovators passionate and committed to solving the problems facing humanity.


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