Whoever wants to be a leader must learn to serve.


Serving is the epitome of leadership. Leadership is having the heart for those suffering and seeking ways to make society a better place.

In my pursuit of purpose, I have ave encountered myriad challenges. It is unfortunate that leadership has become a synonym of financial clout. When those women in the village trying to raise their children with limited resources signify leadership nobody recognises that.
I have chosen to continue anyway. Even with the little resources available I give myself into the service of restoring dignity of our people in Africa.

It is this urge for social justice that take me to the informal settlements with the city of Nairobi. It is the desire to see people free from exploitation of the few elites who think they own the lives of precious people that drive to write. I know not long from now emancipation will arrive.

Determination and persistence is what we have to practice daily as we soldier towards the free society. A society that the lives of citizens will come before the ego of leaders. A society that uphold respect for all.

It is this hope that social innovation will eventually lead to existence of social justice in Africa that lights my heart every morning.

Fellow youths, it is only hope that will  give us the impetus to stand and claim our place in the fight against atrocities meted on innocent population.

Let us keep moving, let us keep dreaming

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