A Fight Against Social Injustice In Africa Requires Us To Have Battle Buddies


Today we mark the #YouthDay,  we  are  the only hope for the future of Africa. The earlier we realize that, the faster we can achieve Africa development dream.

Such a time is what will define the future of our children. To fight against corruption and erosion of Africa dignity is one of the valuable sacrifice that we can offer Africa progeny. Anything less than this will be great disservice.

Fellow youths we need to have battle buddies in this fight.

Our battle buddies should be cognizant of the atrocities being meted on innocent people in south Sudan, they should have a heart for those suffering in Burundi, they should be ready to denounce exploitation of innocent citizens.

#Action2015 #youthPower #YouthDay we should take Stoke of what we gave achieved. Never be disappointed that you have not seen substantial change. The fact that you have stepped out to do that little thing geared towards change, you are on the right track.

However, we should be weary of those who may seem to be battle buddies who at the opportune moment will stab you at the back. There others who have not given their heart to serving.  They are in the bandwagon because of circumstances. We should run away from those whose commitment to restoring justice is not firm. We should take our time to discover those who we partner with.  For if we are not wise we will fail in our quest for achieving sustainable development goals.

It is difficult,  it is a journey that we will endure as youths for it is the only good thing we can promise the future of our continent. Let us join hand and declare we are the Bearer of Africa Destiny.


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