State your purpose in life and who you are:It will save your reputation.

It has been a difficult few weeks, I have had no energy to creatively sit and write. Today Is anew day,  it is  a day I am happy to eventually type this message.  You better loose your life than loose your character.

It takes only a second to squander your reputation of good Character. I am happy that finally I can breath. I am released from the gnawing feeling of doubt. I know it was the right thing to do.

Can you imagine, being extremely broke, then someone promise to give you 500 dollar just to cook a letter for him, isn’t it easy to do that and walk away with that cash?  Isn’t it easy to celebrate?

My conscious clear, my heart mindful of what my action will portend, I refused the seduction of the cash, furious, the guy rumbled, people are in such office as you to enrich themselves, in fact many have amassed wealth and you will get off that office poor.

I am critical of anything that my conscious will judge me harshly, I gear the wrat of my heart than that of man.  I prefer to be poor than to take what is not right.  I stand for this and you can bet I will disappoint you if that is how you think of me. 

My live is a sacred. My future is defined. While as youth, I will work to restore dignity of the poor. Not to take advantage of where I am to deny those who deserve justice.

I am cognizant of the fact that we are in need of good life, but good life for me does not entail putting my hands in dirty pots to amass inappropriate richness. I want not the history to yoke me with the atrocities that killed the dreams and hope for the future.

Fellow youths, I know it is difficult, it is challenging but we can manage to refuse the charms of Corruption. It is possible to disown the glittering beauty of ill gotten wealth.

We will triumph brothers and sisters.

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