The pride of Africa is coming down: Thanks to Cancer of Corruption!


It is sad.  It is humiliating and  complicated to the workers of Pride of Africa Airline ,  that due to lack appreciation in Africa development by some few individuals who think they deserve the whole world ,  Kenya National carrier KQ might come down never to rise again. Making a lose of 25 billion is tragic.

If the airline comes down a million families in Kenya will be affected. Many will have to find alternative means of surviving.  Who knows,  maybe they will join the bloodthirsty groups like Al shabaab to avenge the Injustice that has been meted on them.

This is never  a bed of roses for those of us who value and always trying to restore Africa dignity.

It is impossible to speak of dignity  to a person who slept hungry last night.  It is a difficult  to imagine of moral imagination, when all thoughts are focused on what to eat today. It us frustrating to talk of social innovation to a person who has a sick child in the house and has no hope for a solution  to it.

The news of plummeting KQ signify a possibility of Embezzlement.  With the allegations that some few cartels are on a spree buying the shares whose value in the stock exchange is coming down in a lightening speed,  I guess something fishy must be cooking.

Where is the courage of socially moral society where people will take responsibility? Where is the pride of our Africa nations to see not politics but sober conversation of this tragic incident happening?  I guess because many have taken a back seat in matters of development,  we may not see much.

This makes me more outrageous,  because we were never thought how to Question authority on why certain things are happening in a particular way,  we always let them walk away with it. Now, We the African youths have to stand up and be counted let us ask for accountability from our leaders .  We have to stand and resist the attempts of the heartless individuals who mind not of our future squandering our destiny .

I refuse to believe that this is a natural occurrence,  I refuse to believe that their are no forces behind the fall of the Pride of Africa.

It is therefore imperative that the government takes urgent and swift response to solve the debacle that has befallen our pride.


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