Salvation of Africa future, Depends on Our Responsibility as Africa Youths


I sit after the day’s work and imagine of how we can attain freedom as Africa youths . How can we get ourselves out of the Web of interconnected individuals whose vision remain only for themselves.

We are under siege, we have no freedom, our imagination is afflicted by return thorns of poverty.  Our creativity is hard pressed against the walls of tribe and ethnicity. Our talents and abilities are closed within us.

Working within a government office has opened my mind,  I am now well informed why it had taken us long time to bring transformation.  But good news ;we have what it takes to change the situation.  We have the talent, we have the capacity,  we only need to find creative ways to harness them.

Given that we have been accustomed to the fact that we must have somebody to help us get a job,  now that the corrupt clicks have made us believe  that it is only through them  that you can get Employment,  many think we are helpless.  I want to declare we are not, 

Now more than ever I am persuaded that we have a better chance to be but of the history.  Now more than ever I am convinced we have a higher probability of winning the war against discrimination.

It has come time,  a time that as Africa youths we need to stretch our creative imagination to meet with our common purpose of restoring Africa dignity. It is that time that we don’t need to beg for recognition but take it with force guided by a principle of respect and humility.

I write this knowing that we will suffer for a while as we pursue this course .However, I believe It is the sacrifice that we can only offer the future Africa generation.

It has come time that we should work to dismantle the cartels of corrupt individuals.  It will not be easy but with commitment I know we will succeed.

It will only take our preparation,  it will take conscious effort of fighting against this heinous activities. We can do this by learning the history of our past, and present.  We will need proper character going forward. For when all is done character is the only element the will determine our destiny.

We have a bright future,  a lot can happen within a short period.  With dedication and determination we will succeed.


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