250,000 Jobs lost to Corruption In Kenya:Youths We Need to Reverse the Trend


This is never a surprise to many,But to the conscious and good hearted, that value our future ;this should be scarily . When POTUS  was mentioning this tragedy that has enmeshed Africa, the whole Park went silent, the faces of the corrupt registered shame in their faces.  I guess so because the words were said with such zeal, enthusiasm coupled with anger for the insensitivity from the leaders who practice the vice.

It was the revelation that those who practice the evil acts are respected and adored for they can splash peanuts to the general citizens as gifts and fundraising. We need to hold them accountable.

We need to take our powers by resisting their charms  and seduction with glittering resources that they have stolen from the public.

When they are caught we defend them for they come from our community. When they are cornered we protect them because they share what they have stolen . we should build a thick skin to say No.

If we expect different results, we better learn how to say No.  It is difficult to say know if you have not said a strong yes to an alternative says wale Akinyemi of power talks. It is difficult to resist their glittering richness if we have no strong bias to social justice and respect for humanity.

We need to build shocker absorbers to protect us from being swayed by their wealth.

Their wealth, wealth that they wish not their children to ask them how they accrued them.  It is not magic to know that their is something fishy when someone lives large without a particular source.

It will be a great legacy, to leave  behind what your children and grandchildren can account how it was obtained, otherwise it is vanity.  It Is a curse.

Our jobs have been squandered before. Now and Beyond we will stand to be counted in fighting the evils against humanity – corruption and social Injustice.

Let us learn to build our capacity as youths. We can build our capacity by sharing our stories. Our stories is the one most critical element that can help us develop the art of building trust.

We can succeed if you we never stop working towards our goal of restoring human dignity.


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