His presence here rekindled hope that many of us youths in Africa will succeed . When I saw him board Air Force one leaving for Ethiopia ,  my heart was filled with joy and more expectations, I saw a better future for my generation my son’s generation and Beyond .

His story,  how  27years ago,  he was received by his Elder sister with a old beetle which broke on the way home more than five times. Mesmerized me, it is an indication of how things can change.  It indicates the possibility of significant transformation that can happen in a short period of time. 

The difference between now and then is that there was no all he wide coverage like now. In fact nobody recognized him. It was interesting to learn some people within government in his subsequent Vista referred to him as a junior US senator.  Now he came as the most powerful man in the Globe POTUS.

His presence as POTUS here in Kenya  is a possibility of that which seemed impossible. It is a confirmation that we can restore Africa dignity.

I have high expectations on the development of Africa. Just like we were referred as a dark continent; we will be the hope and light of the world.

Be good to people on your way up for you will meet these people on your way down. I say this because of the experience of Dr. Auma Obama, receiving his younger brother from JKIA 27 years ago with her old beetle and now riding in the Beast, the most secure car in the world in the Arms of the most powerful man in the world The POTUS.

It is the reason I am urging our friends to hold our hand. It is why I hold respect for all, it is the reason I uphold human dignity as the key to our success. For indeed you never know what tomorrow holds for me .

If you see me walking today,  never lough at me, for tomorrow I may be the one in the beast.

We are a blessed generation,  we are the hope of this continent. Youths let us take charge of Africa.
Let us refuse to be yoked together with those who have myopic vision for our continent.

Let us embrace our creativity, they may alienate us from decision making. But if we organize ourselves they will eventually listen to our concerns and opinions .

They would not consider us, if we just sit and complain,  they will despise us if we develop not our stamina to reject the social evils they commit.  POTUS said every single coin embezzled can be used to create employment for our fellow youths.  Let us be vigilant and refuse their actions.

Finally let us base our political on prosperity of all not for our family and tribes;for that us doomed to fail.

My fellow youths we will be prosperous



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