It is Confirmed Africa is on the move towards social creativity and social Justice


If we had a pessimist before the Global Entrepreneurship summit 2015 in Nairobi, Africa, I guess he or she must be transformed by now to an optimist and hopeful individual. We only need another voice to confirm that we are in the right track for Africa dreamers like me to acquire the impetus of sharing our passion.

Today, listening to the two gentlemen drumming support for entrepreneurship, president Barack Obama of the USA and his Kenyan counterpart President Kenyatta, I was not disappointed, I am a happy African.

However I should state that even if they assure us of Their support, it is still upon us to make it a reality. It is upon us to sustain the momentum.  It is us to spread the passion.

While we seek to restore Africa dignity,  we must remember that we have been entrusted the opportunity as youths to dream better dreams for our Africa.

And the responsibility before us as youths is to resist the charms of corruption,  we have an obligation to create a better environment for germination of social justice.  We should be at the forefront advocating for respect for all no matter their social standing.

It is what the #GES2015 was about.  We have been reassured it is now you and me to complete the journey without fear. 

If we do this I believe we will never disappoint our generation and posterity in Africa.


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