There is Hope for Social Justice in Africa: Let us Do it for My Son’s Generation and Beyond .


The future is what Martin Luther King Jr had in his dreams. He not only had dreams for his daughters but for the generations including the one for Barack Obama who has taken the minds of Kenyans and those of many Africans hostage.

Almost everyone is talking of him across the continent.  All  media channels are whispering about The son of African origin.

But I am persuaded to say that his ascending to power was dreamt by the Civil right Moment organizers who worked tirelessly to create environment that will allow a black Africa American to get a chance to rule the most powerful country in the world. This happened several years even before he was born.

The excitement of people should a lesson of what my son and his generation will experience when leaders will be elected not on the basis of where they come from but what they are able to accomplish. The dream of Martin Luther King Jr came to pass in the year 2009 when the man who will be landing in Kenya in a short while now, took office in the white house.

Yes, the Man Obama has had his down moments but he has been rated as a great leader.  He has had tremendous impact in inspiring young people.

I write this article to acknowledge the effort of the likes of Martin Luther King Jr,  Abraham Lincoln Nelson Mandela, Wangare Maathai and many others who have contributed to the opening of public space to allow dialogue on how to strive to restore Human Dignity.

To the generation of my son and Beyond I promise to do my part in contributing towards building a better Africa,  I promise to help where I can to ensure you Experience better treatment as a youth.

All that said and done I will implore those in leadership to open their hearts and mind to allow others get a chance to develop their capability and talents. For if you don’t do so,  you are putting the future of Africa in jeopardy.

To Africa leaders, from Kenya to Burundi to Rwanda to Uganda staying in power is not the solution. We are mortal let us respect others and value them.  Let us give them an opportunity to exercise there ability to serve.

As we celebrate the home coming of the US president Barack Obama,  let us know that before him were great generals who proudly gave their live to salvage American.

Let us be brave, fellow youths,  let us harness our capacity to resist ignorance and chose to work to ensure that Africa prospers. We have what it takes.

If you doubt these, I kindly refer you to those who have made it.  Those who are shaping the history of the World.  And Among those is Barack Obama and many others who have fought their good fight and finished their race like Nelson Mandela, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere of Tanzania and the list continues.  They made their little contribution now it is our time.


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