Obama Home Coming ; Assurance My dream of Social Justice in Africa Will Finally come to Pass


It was 2009 while a first  year student at the University of Nairobi, that this man took an oath to serve and protect the people of one of the most powerful country in the planet. It is during this time that I got interested in finding his story.

I dived into what he had written, and what others had written about him; dreams from my father, Audacity of hope, and many others. He had made history but few new where he had come from.

While going through his story, I was so much motivated,  In me developed such a peculiar hunger in me,  hunger to get myself, my family out of the shackles of poverty and defend the weak in the society . I am on the race, my hope hope is still rive.

Believe me that the coming of this man that I have always admired and drawn inspiration from, is a source of conviction to my dream of creating a better Africa.  It is a sign that I can achieve these seemingly wild dreams. I have assurance that God who never sleeps has already approved my dream.

Yes I know our destiny is not determined by where I was born for I never chose to be born there but God did. I never chose to be born in such a time that I will be a youth now, but God had a reason why I am.

Fellow Africans youths we never chose where we were born but we can choose our destiny;we better do it right.

We are bestowed with the responsibility to dream a better dream for our Africa.  Let the excitement of Obamania inspire us to stretch our imagination to existence of new possibilities. There is a possibility of having leaders who respect others.  There is a possibility of restoration of Africa dignity.

If you are hopeful like me,  join me to continue spreading our passion on Africa development dream.

A few minutes before Barack Obama lands here, I personally welcome him to Kenya and Africa.



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