Lessons from Africa’s past: What to Avoid to Realize social Justice.


It was interesting to learn more of the founding president’s of most of African countries. One trend that I found clear;most of them except Nyerere, stuck to power and never wanted to let go.

Examination of their policies and ideologies,  I am convinced they had no dream for a free people, with their dignity and  respected. We have considerably been affected by the foundation they laid. Most of them despite their declaration of social justice, once in power resorted into mistreating and detaining the opposition who  they thought would prevent them from staying in power.

It is quite clear that for us to survive the surge of tremendous growth of African population and challenges we need leaders who are not only thinking of the current state of Affairs in Africa but also that of the future with higher population and myriad problems .

If we have then to expect different results in Africa development,  then we have a responsibility to stretch our imagination to create Africa for billions of African people.

This imagination I strongly believe will be powered by the zeal and enthusiasm of the youth. The sense of urgency that has emerged among African youths deserves recognition and appreciation.

It is upon us to sustain the momentum of building better crop of leaders who value other people’s opinions. It is your responsibility to do that small action to show solidarity with those who are creating a reasonable leadership. If we manage this I believe we will create a successful continent.


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