Choosing Kenya:Experience from the Obama Home Coming


Kenya is in the news, not in a bad reason this time, but for some exciting news.  I have stated before that our spirit is United, today I reiterate that we are the social innovation power house.

Given that the Global Entrepreneurship Summit will be held hear in this beautiful country, I am proud that I am the son and heir of the coming prosperity.

This gives me a reason to continue believing that we are the next Frontier in all areas including what is dear to me; social justice and respect for humanity.

I write today to urge my fellow youths in Africa, that the fact that the powerful man will be landing here if a few hours  from now, is a vindication of our dream,  that we have what it takes to transform Africa.

You may chose to believe me or not, but I am convinced that the greatest achievement lies ahead of us,  not past decades.  We better build our capacity.

Nairobi Confidential one of the daily newspaper in Kenya indicated that China has changed her perspective on foreign aid to Africa.  They have realized we have the ability to create a better Africa. We only need a little push.  The other part will be landslide.

We will succeed in restoring Africa dignity.


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